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  • BUILDING SURVEYS with or without VALUATION advice
  • HOME VALUATIONS by an RICS Registered Valuer
  • Is DAMP REALLY DAMP or actually CONDENSATION as a result of your lifestyle?
  • Is that CRACK the beginnings of SUBSIDENCE?
  • Divorce or Negligence Court-Compliant EXPERT WITNESS Reports/Valuations.

Hello, I’m Stuart Parrett. I am a truly independent, knowledgeable and experienced Chartered Surveyor and housing specialist. I am in the PEOPLE and HOMES Business where Information Discovery is all important.

I survey homes for faults and worth/value but it is not what I do but HOW that separates PROinspect from competitor surveyors.



SOMETHING of VALUE for you —-

1-  Our clients are demanding more of all sorts of Contractors so we have reacted: in Hampshire we have listed a series of client-vetted/used Contractors who have been found to be reliable and good value-for-money. Take a look at our TRUSTED CONTRACTORS tag (below – or email me for a PDF copy).


2-  CONDENSATION SEASON IS UPON US – have you looked in the back of the wardrobe recently or in “that corner”?

Cold = drop in dew point = cold surfaces will attract condensate: Quick Fix – create airflows and reduce the amount of vapour in the air. Longer Term Fix = Raise the wall temperature by lining it with XXXX; properly kill off mould spores; introduce sensors that apply venting or temperature changes to the environment. Simple.

What often works is opening the window for as long as possible during and after sleeping/baths/showers/cooking (this removes water vapour that then cannot condense on your clothes and walls). You loose heat during this process and so you need to learn how to achieve these goals intelligently without icicles forming on your nose.

For more information on me, my CV etc… – click here and scroll down. Alternatively, look me in the eye by watching a short VIDEO – CLICK HERE. TheHouseSurveyor at YouTube will also deliver several important messages for those looking to purchase or those you wish to become Residential Surveyors and/or Valuers.

Those who have kindly provided testimonials for me say that I can be considered a safe pair of hands, somebody who is a real communicator and a provider of detailed and robust opinions.

Good reasons for using me in the central south coast area include that I take the time to listen to you and then help you make the right choice of survey product and have it completed at the right time. After this I genuinely communicate with you and don’t simply mail a report to you and that is it. No, I am always available for questions and meetings because you need to be re-assured your purchase is both a wise investment and you are not buying a problem.

I protect the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life – your home – and I work with you every step of the way…..

Professional A person having impressive competence in a particular activity
Inspection An examination for the purposes of evaluating a property’s condition and to detect defects and hazards

I’ve brought together a lot of valuable information to help you organise property problems, alterations, private surveys and other services surrounding ownership, maintenance, sales, purchases and Expert Witness Reports.

CALL ME for a free chat and advice on 078 3636 3040 —

  1. When your “offer” has been accepted make sure you already have a loan deal secured in principle
  2. Make sure you DO NOT agree to a combined Loan Valuation and Private Survey
  3. Actually speak to a Surveyor (PROinspect down south) – do not accept an Assistant or a Secretary
  4. Find out your Survey Product options, fee costs and the manner in dealing with any special concerns you have
  5. Do not fall for quick deals or “linked” services often packaged by costly middlemen Agencies.



Browse the site and when you’re ready to ask for advice give me a call or fill in the Form on the right. To get the best out of us you need to be briefed as to your options, survey costs and a lot more. As a starting point be as specific as you can as to what you need from us – use the CONTACT FORM (top right on your screen): EG: Detached house – perhaps 50 years old – £400,000 agreed – Building Survey with Valuation needed – being sold by XXX Estate Agents.

PROinspect are led by Stuart Parrett who has an unrivalled pedigree as a specialist Home Surveyor of over 35 years Hampshire experience.

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  • Jag:

    Many thanks for your time and help yesterday. We had a 10 minute chat about a subsidence problem on a house that I’ve offered on in Harrow, Middlesex. You provided me with valuable insight, a different perspective on the matter and clearly had the necessary specialist knowledge and expertise.

    I’m still awaiting findings from both a Structural Engineer and Full Building survey, but in any case have decided to withdraw my offer and continue my search.

    Thanks again,

    Jag Ahluwalia

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