Why choose independent House Surveyor opinion?

Why choose an independent House Surveyor? Why choose PROinspect?


To those who have experienced the reasons why a Surveyor can make a big difference to a housing transaction I apologise for wasting your time. For those who look for cheapness and do not care who acts for them may I suggest you slow down and study the advice given below.

Blue sky thinking shouldn't be rushed. Choose your Surveyor wisely.


All Home Condition Surveyors should be at least working to a basic level of competence, carry at least the minimum level of insurances and have kept themselves reasonably up-to-date professionally and technically: the latest buzz words being Technical Due Diligence, or TDD.


Therefore, on the face of any one particular housing deal all Surveyors are equal.

WRONG. Some are more equal than others and provide a truly exceptional level of service designed to aid you to a swift and knowledgeable exchange of contracts with you in full control. Some are stuck in one gear and no matter what you want and need you will get what they always do: often this type of Surveyor is difficult to contact and is “protected” from client calls by a host of secretaries and customer services people (try attempting to actually talk to such a beast and you will see what I mean).


If all Surveyors train and generally work to a similar standard why do I need a better standard? Credit Crunch should have taught you what Bankers think of customers and how they cannot even make loans and mortgages on terms that most of us could even dream of finding acceptable. Self-interest is what I am defining: interests of the Bank are more valuable than mere customers interests. The same can be said of a lot of Surveyors.


What you need is a professional adviser who understands you, why you need a survey, what is happening in the marketplace and “know” the home type you are buying. Somebody who understands how most purchasers will not appreciate the mechanics of the chain of things that could go wrong and what can be done to protect their interests.


So what do I do that is over-and-above what the average Surveyor does?


  1. I never accept a survey instruction without first personally talking to the client to ensure the product they asked for is relevant to the property and their budget. Other survey product options may be applicable.
  2. I visit every relevant web-site that may give free data on the home being purchased so I have more that a cursory knowledge of the building and its history even before I see it. This allows me to easily focus on key issues and so better manage my time on your behalf. I even personalise my Site Notes template to reflect that initial property and risk-management data.
  3. Where possible I interview the seller so I obtain detailed information on alterations, service histories, problems and possible disputes. This level of service acts as the eyes of the Solicitor acting for our clients.
  4. In preparing your Report I pitch the words I use to my assessment of each clients technical property understanding: in other words I design advice to suit each client, as all clients are different.
  5. I make sure you know that once you have your Report I am available to explain things to you, if you need that re-assurance.
  6. If you need advice on what courses of action you could take I will advise you of your options.
  7. If you need advice upon what Contractors to use I will make recommendations.
  8. If your Solicitors or loan source need additional advice or information I can provide it.
  9. If you need robust opinion to help re-negotiate the purchased price, just ask.


In other words, for the price of a survey you get a full Consultancy Service thrown in. I will not leave you stranded.


Practical, good communication is just as important to us as it should be to you. Our high service level not only helps you but also the seller because our actions do make the difference between actually buying and dropping out because “it all got too complicated”.


To some, our high service level is difficult to appreciate or understand. To those we have helped by these service standards we have customers for life and we have proved to be life-savers in a world of doom-and-gloom.


House of Horrors OR Home Sweet Home? The choice starts with who you allow to act for you. Do not get misled into requesting a simultaneous loan valuation and private survey: this is not the route to take for several reasons. Call us and we will explain.


Finally, let me provide a few examples of professionals who have been negligent and who cost clients thousands of wasted pounds:-


  • Surveyor could not tell if the loft excrement was from vermin or bats: it was the latter and this caused redevelopment to be delayed nearly two years – (= technical incompetence).
  • Valuer who over-valued a home by 55% – (= lack of local knowledge and quality control).
  • Surveyor who did not detect that a house had been structurally underpinned three times: the effect of this was the client bought at an inflated price and was then denied Insurance cover and cannot now find a buyer at all – (technical and professional incompetence).
  • A flooring contractor who laid a solid floor topped with hardwood: both failed and required replacement – (technical incompetence).
  • A Solicitor who negligently conveyed a home that the seller could not then dispose of – (technical and professional incompetence).
  • A Surveyor who did not know the difference between traditional construction and a home now designated as defective under late 20th century legislation and is only worth half of what was paid for it – (technical and professional incompetence).


PROinspect have acted as Experts in preparing Court cases or in preparing evidence for Insurers in these and many other such cases. We are as pleased to act for you, an individual, as for acting for a large Company. Our standards do not vary.


High fee cost? Well no; we hope we are not cheap but above all we plan to be the best value-for-money. Many say we are safe-pair-of-hands in a wicked world.


Why chose an independent Home Condition Surveyor? It pays to not take the chance that cheap may be beautiful. You need expertise and certainty. We provide professionalism and robust, practical help.

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