A heartfelt Testimonial

The attached recommendation for my services comes from a client couple who were at their wits end. Their home had flooded and was liable to do so again if “the Authorities” would not let them drain ground and surface water into a foul sewer in the public road outside their home. After a very long time of negotiation that had got them nowhere I was called in to help.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I report my services engineered a structured solution after fighting tooth-and-nail for common sense to override Regulations. My clients were delighted.

This case revolved around the urbanisation of land that then floods due to the water table having risen due to so much house building closeby. This scenario will no doubt repeat itself all across our green and pleasant land as climate change bites. Homeowners are recommended to not be fobbed off by officialdom.


I recommend that you use Stuart Parrett to provide professional services for securing permission to install or improve drainage in residential properties.


Work carried out by Stuart in 2010 and 2011 advised us on the improvements needed to prevent our property getting flooded. This was in 2 phases. Firstly, he persuaded the local authorities who were responsible for drainage (principally Hampshire CC, but also Winchester CC and Swanmore Parish Council) to agree to connecting our pipes into their drainage systems. Initially they were highly resistant to doing this.


Secondly he drew up the development of drainage improvements, selected a very good contractor (Metro Rod) and oversaw their work, acting as an advocate for us.


Key features of Stuart’s work are:


  • It is highly professional. Stuart has wide experience of taking action to promote high professional standards including through the courts
  • Innovative – Stuart makes extensive use of IT systems to manage projects & for researching the best solutions
  • Rapid learner: Stuart developed an understanding of council policies and systems very quickly
  • Good at getting professionals from different organisations to align their policies and understanding where they are coming from
  • Empathetic, understanding how stressful it can be for clients to have to cope with threats of flooding of their property
  • Understanding of the ways that problems can interact e.g. seeing how work to improve drainage can have unexpected impacts on ground stability of nearby buildings
  • Good at explaining complex aspects of civil engineering to clients and good at communicating
  • Responsive and timely. Stuart is very good at ensuring projects keep on schedule
  • Hard working: Stuart is willing to put in extra hours to deliver work on time.
  • Good value for money.


April 2011

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